Saturday, February 18, 2006


I keep putting off updating the blog just because I don't take pictures. Today I decided I am going to post with no pics.
I have to find a way of transferring this blog into my own server, but for that I need some kind of blog software. Maybe later I will get online with the support guys and if I am lucky I can get one that is really good and help me. It all depends on who is on call. Sometimes you get lucky and the person on board is really helpful but sometimes you ask them and they know NOTHING!.
On the knitting side I have made great progress on the Wedding Ring Shawl. I finished chart one of the border, that brings me up to row 64. The thing is a great big white (kind-off) bag and pictures would not say much except to give you an idea of the size.
I am 14 or so rows away from finishing the Kiri from handspun. The yarn is ready and dry and hanging there waiting for me to wind it up into balls and finish the shawl. That one is one of a kind and it goes to a friend.
Speaking of knitting for people, I have come to the conclusion that you are better off knitting for yourself unless it is for a fiber exchange or for a pattern design or something like that. Most of the stuff I have knitted in the last years I have given away mostly to family members. My husband for example got two vests, one in DK that took for ever in commercial yarn. He has worn it twice. Another one in handspun wool and alpaca with Salish Indian motifs, he has worn in once. My sister I suspect does not wear her shawl or top that I sent to her. My dad did not even remember his DNA scarf and on it goes. In conclusion, I love knitting, I enjoy every minute of it but people just don't like it, don't see it practical or don't care about it. So from now on I will only knit for myself.
Currently three of the things I have on the needles are for other people. The wedding ring shawl will go to my cousin who is getting married in the Summer and the Christening shawl will go to my best friend's nephew. Finishing those I will stick to knitting stuff for me.
On the needles also the alpaca/wool handspun cardigan for me. The sleeves are almost done, both of them :) and it will go from the top down. That is the only way I can use up all of the yarn and get a cardigan/coat that will be really warm for ME.
Then the Josephine shawl in Zephyr, also for me. I love the color and the pattern. That one only has one pattern repeat so far but once I get to it I know it will go fast.
The other one is the Forest Path Shawl. Now that one, I don't know for sure. The lace Entrelac on it is beautiful but so far I have not enjoyed knitting it that much. But somewhere in my multiple net excursions I saw someone picking up all the stitches in the tier at once, then all you have to do is knit the little square until you are done with the row. This might help because counting will be a one time thing and you can knit away without having to count and recount every time you pick up the stitches. I'll try that and see how it goes. If not I will just pull the string wash the yarn and start with something that I will really enjoy.
I am determined not to cast on anything else until I finish everything that is on the needles right now. I never do this, cast-on more than two things at one time. But for various reasons this time the rule had to be broken.

I hope to finish the Kiri this week, block and take pictures of it. We’ll see.

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