Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sweepstakes at the State Fair!

Well go figure! I got Sweepstakes with the Wedding Ring Shawl. You have no idea of how happy I am. Best is Show was a LOVELY piece in bobbin lace. My guess is that the thread used is No. 100 or so and it is three dimensional. Absolutely lovely.
Here is a link to more pictures. Included are the same pictures of the County Fair, today's pictures from the State Fair.


Lorri said...

Congratulations! All of your items are gorgeous! I am so surprised that you did not win best of show with your WRS. I guess there are many talented people out there. You must be very proud!

Lorette said...

Congratulations! That is just the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen!

Jaws said...

I've posted a response to your VK project question on my blog.

Monica said...

Congratulations! Your shawl is amazing.

Thanks for the info on the supercarders group, I've signed up!

Kaz said...

Your knitted lace is beyond fantastic. So fine and lovely.

Robknits said...

Wow wow wow. I am so amazed by your lace knitting. Gorgeous! congratulations.