Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Do I have enough yarn?

Lorette bought this cute little fit in the knitting bag scale to weigh sock yarn.
Fit in the knitting bag is the ticket!
Just a minute ago I weighted the yarn I have left for toe #2 or sock number #2. Sock #1 weighs 1.6 oz. Sock #2 WITH 3 NEEDLES weighs 1.8 oz. One needle will not move the scale and I refuse to pull out the needles to weigh this thing.
I am going to knit to the end (either the end of the toe or the end of the yarn, or maybe both)
If I run out of yarn it can be:
1. Sunday socks
2. Pick-up stitches and unravel the ribbing and reknit both ribbing with shorter legs.
3. Cry: in not an option!
Wish me luck.......

With that long of a comment I came over and blogged it. Don't you just love cut and paste?


margene said...

I saw the comment and came over here to let you know...I feel your pain;-)

susan said...

What needles are you using? I can weigh 3 on my scale.