Thursday, March 15, 2007

Knitting Font Spreadsheet

There have been questions on how to use the Knitting Font. The one I use is from Aire River Design.
I created a spreadsheet with 2 character wide columns and inserted the gif files. That way I know what key corresponds to what symbol. Also I select the grid so that each square is outlined and the chart stands out. You can use a different background color. If I am going to write a pattern, the charts are inserted in the word processor as a picture. This way the fonts are not changed over to the default word processor font. I save the spreadsheet with the pictures without charts for future use. Click on the picture to see the detail. Note that on top it says: Knitting symbols by CE. If you are going to write the symbol meanings, just select the cell and change the font IN THAT CELL ONLY.


Jocelyn said...

That's very clever. I'd love to get a copy! Thanks.

Robknits said...

Gorgeous Khaki Cables! That's on my list too and I also need to make it longer. You are motivating me to put that higher on the list :> And I am very interested in your charting. I have been using Stitch and Motif Maker and would really rather try something else.