Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wasatch Woolpack Handspinner Team Exchange

Last year we organized a "Team Exchange" in our local spinning guild. The purpose was to deal with that yarn that we have spun, know what we want it to be but don't want to do it. One person would spin the fiber, select a pattern and pass it on to her team partner. She in turn would get yarn and a pattern from another person. Very few of us participated in it, but it was way fun.
Pictures of all but one of the finished items here , and here , and here the last one here.
Still pending a woven tapestry that Deanna is weaving for Cayenne.
Shirley knit a vest for Deanna. She said it was a challenge to put the pieces together, but had lots of fun doing it, and learned a lot.
Cayenne knit Fair Isle mittens for Sue. Her first two hand stranded project. She did a wonderful job!
Sue knit a Kiri shawl for me out of yarn I had spun from a Shetland Fleece. I love how the shawl came out. Thanks Sue!
I knit a shawl for Shirley. Her yarn was about DK weight and in lovely colors. She plied it in barber pole, I was amazed at how beautiful her colors came out!
I hope we do it again.


Margene said...

It was very cool to see all the projects in person!

Kate said...

What beautiful things all of you made. Great Job!

Jane said...

What a great group you belong to and what a talented pack of knitters/spinners/weavers. Huge Wow!