Friday, July 27, 2007

Europe 2007

I am back from a wonderful trip to Europe. It was a 10 day trip to Germany and Austria. Mainly work but I did manage to trot around for a bit and find a couple of yarn shops.
I tried to meet with the folks from Knitters Uncensored but we ran into a language/train station location glitch and it did not work out. It would have been fun, but oh well!
I had done some online research prior to the trip and I could only come up with one yarn shop in Munich. I sent out several emails and contact info requests with absolutely no response. What I did come up with was well worth it. Wolle Rödel and they gave directions to Ludwig Beck. The first one has it's own brand of yarn and tools the second one is a bit more general needle work.
I was hoping for lace finds but did not run into any. I did get the last issue of the Lena magazine that has three Niebling patterns, all similar but non the less beautiful.
By now I think I have such a wide collection of Niebling patterns that I doubt I will ever get around to knitting them all.

The loot:

8 skeins of lovely sock yarn!

A full set of crochet hooks with Teflon tips and nice anatomical handles! Those are nice and I had not seen them around here.

The whole works put together.

I also got a Cocoo Clock for DH and a set of great kitchen knives for me!


Tan said...

That's a great haul, and of a good size to tote on an airplane. Too bad you couldn't get together with Knitters Uncensored. When I come up I want to see your Niebling patterns.

Romi said...

How wonderful! I am green with envy. :)

Welcome back!

junie said...

Welcome home. I took a look at the 'loot' and I am impressed that you hauled that onto the airplanes! The sock yarn is great. Love to see close ups of the crochet hooks. See any terrific sights or have time to do any sight seeing?

I want a job that forces me to travel to Europe too. Lucky girl.

Jane said...

You made out so very well! It's a fact that no guilt can be felt for anything bought on vacation. Besides, you got such great stuff. After looking at some of the Niebling patterns in the two Japanese Books I got recently, I can appreciate why you would collect so many of his patterns. It does not matter if you don't get to them all. Maybe they really will re-print them eventually. We can only hope!

Jane said...

Wonderful stash enhancement and tool building! I bet you have a heck of a lot of niebling patterns but that's ok even if you don't get to them all. They are just so beautiful. I hope they do eventually re-print them.

Leigh said...

Ooo, lucky you. What a fun trip. Welcome home!

KOARC said...

Those are some GREAT European trip pictures on Flickr! You should add descriptions to them.