Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lacis Store and Museum

A few months back Sandy and I had planned to visit the Lacis Store and Museum

True to our plans Sandy and I made it to the Lacis Store last week. What a wonderful experience! Sandy was kind enough to pick me up and literally take me there. Thanks again.

The store and museum are just to die for. That day they had an exhibition of beaded purses. They had knitted, crochet, and woven. Absolutely lovely designs. They also had a few of the knitted lace that is going into the current exhibition. Lovely tablecloths, doilies and shawls.
The bridal room has pieces that go back to the 1800's the pieces are well preserved for the most part. Amazing work.
As far as things they have for sale, you name it , they have it. I got tangled up in the book section (as always).
We saw the preview of the two books they are reprinting and I believe will be available very soon. As I understand the patterns in the "small" book are included in the "large" book. Yes they are a bit expensive but they include a lot more patterns for the a lot less money than people have paid for single Niebling patterns.
The upcoming exhibition is on Knitted Lace and will go from July to November, I wish I had made it just one week later to see it all. What I saw was well worth the trip.

Sandy wrote a wonderful recount of our day in her blog: The Ocean Knitter
She has are great pictures and a longer description of our trip.
Sandy also brought with her some of her knitted lace work. She is a wonderful knitter.

If you are in the Bay area, by all means go visit the store, if nothing else for eye candy!


missalicefaye said...

sigh. must get there someday... :)

Tan said...

That's exciting that they're republishing some lace books. Knitted lace, I hope, since I don't do tatted, bobbin, etc.

Kim U said...

Hey - it was good to see you again at the conference! I managed to stop off at a few yarn stores in SF, but didn't make it to Lacis. Looks quite interesting.

Jane said...

I just love living close enough to go to Lacis any time I want to. I pre-ordered the book. How could I not? Thank you for the link to the slide show. It's wonderful eye candy.