Saturday, July 07, 2007

Two backs and four sleeves

So that is what I have. The brown one is an Elsebeth Lavold design. Book #9. I love the Celtic Knots in it but I think the sleeves are going to be too wide on the cuff. Oh well! They will be rolled up sleeves anyways........that is the way I tend to wear sweaters.
Yarn: alpaca/wool 50-50 from my alpacas, carded and spun by Spinderella last Fall.
Worsted weight Needles US #6.
It is a semi-portable project. The back and most of the sleeves and fronts are stockinette and the cables are intricate. The two fronts are OTN with one pattern repeat completed on both. It will be Fall by the time I get back to it. Way too hot to knit now.

Here is a closeup of the Celtic Knots that trim the sleeve cuffs and the fronts.

Beadwork! by Jade Starmore The pattern is in a IW Knits magazine of course OOP. You can get the charts child size from The Collectors Items and adapt them to adult size. Even though I have the adult size pattern, I modified it so the patterns would be symmetrical on both sides on both the back and the sleeves. I think I will have to do the same on the fronts. Another modification I made was on the sleeves increases. For some reason the cast on is with an unusual small number of stitches therefore the increases along the side of the sleeve are many. The resulting sleeve from the pattern would be one with an acute angle that I do not like. So I swatched, decided on a cuff size, increased 20% of the stitches on the first row of the pattern and the rest along the sides of the sleeves. I like it much better this way.
The yarn is Scottish Collection with needles US 1 or 2.5 mms. The resulting cloth is nice, not too drappy but not to harsh.
We have a KAL going on now, you have to be a member of KBTH in order to join. There are lots of versions of the pattern in the makes.
The Starmores do have lovely things too bad most of the books are OOP.

Also OTN and pictureless for now Isabella from Spring Knitty and the Hyrna H. shawl from the book Three cornered and long shawls availble through Schoolhouse Press.

Edited to add: Marina in her comments thought the yarn I am using for the Celtic Cables sweater is handspun. It is not. It is mill spun at Spinderella's mill who does a wonderful job every single time.


junieann said...

Hey, that Lavold is really, really pretty. Very classy looking sweater. I have a couple of her books but probably not #9. I really like that pattern.

And the BW sleeves. Very cool way to do them. I will try that very soon. I have a picture from Vogue Mag that I want to duplicate. The sleeves are cables, the rest of the sweater is plain. I love it.

Jane said...

Beautiful knitting as usual. You have such variety in all your activitys. It's a wonder you get to sleep at all! Can't wait to see the new lace. I've been thinking about buying that pattern from School House Press as well so I will be interested to see what you think of it.

Leigh said...

Lovely knitting. I like those designers too, but I don't know if I'd be up to those Celtic knots.

Marina said...

I'm very impressed that the Lavold is in handspun. It's gorgeous!

Romi said...

I love the Lavold. Particularly the sleeves! :)

Silvia said...

Beadworks is my favourite cardigan of all times and I'll be getting the kit for it for my birthday next week. Can't wait. I'm glad I discovered it's on your needles as well.
best wishes, Silvia