Thursday, January 10, 2008

Herringbone Twill Scarf

The fiber is silk of unknown brand both warp and weft set at 24 epi. It was woven on the table loom and went relatively quick provided the sett was so close. The fringe was tied at the base and cut to even length. I like the drape and the color not too much but I know DH will like it. It does have a couple of weaving mistakes but nothing that will show.

I learned that next time I have to cover the knots on the cloth beam and that silk does not draw in as much as wool does. Also that I need to change the packing material. For some weird reason I did not have tension problems but I should have. I am going to try 1/8" dowels if I can find them that small.

The next one in line (at least in my head) will be a combined warp of wool and silk in black. Just have to decide the draft I want for it so I can make the calculations and measure the warp.


fleegle said...

That looks utterly delicious!

KnitSanity said...

Love the scarf. So far I've only used silk as the weft. The Princess is looking great.

Leigh said...

Lovely scarf! Not my color either, but very masculine. I've not woven with silk yet, so I'm interested in what you're learning about that.

I'm doing my 2nd Linux upgrade today and then it's onto the ArahWeave! (I'm getting excited!)

Romi said...

Wow. I *love* this! Absolutely stunning!