Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fiber and more Fiber!

I have acquired this fiber and more from my friend Kristine from Angora Cottage and Kristine from Three Wishes. Some has been purchased some has been given to me. I already knit a shawl, wove a blanket, have yarn for another shawl and I still have all this left. It will be spun and woven into yardage, maybe I will try double weaving and make a ruana this time for sure.
Maybe I will weave it with the "Designed on the Reed" technique that I learned from Kate a couple of years ago.


Kimberly (Woven~N~Spun) said...

Ok, so you are going to have to explain designed on the reed and what that means. Please?

Laritza said...

In a nut shell. You have a bunch of colors lots of odds and ends little handspun balls or left
overs. You set up your reed either on the loom or on a reed holder or whatever you hold it up
with. Start measuring 3-3.5 yds lengths of yarn and sley it randomly. One here one there, no
pattern no sequence. Next color do the same, until either you are out of yarn or the reed is full.
Of course you have to have a predetermined width and 3.5 yds gives you a nice length for a
blanket. Then either beam front to back of back to front what ever you prefer. The short warp will
not tangle and a bit of spanking will do. No need to tie the ends, no cross unless you want to
hand pick it. But again it is a short warp and it is very easy to handle. I have done it both at
the workshop and afterwards no problems. Kate wrote an article for Spin Off magazine a few years
back. But of course I have no idea of what issue it is in.

Jane said...

Lovely fibers! Nice to have such a varied pallet to choose from :-)