Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lyra pattern has been reprinted!

I can not believe this!
Lacis the wonderful needle arts shop in California has reprinted the Lyra pattern!

You can find it at:


type Lyra in the search field.

For $7!

They also have another booklet of 6 Niebling patterns but I can not see the cover.

Fun times to come!


Sherilan said...

Wow! That is worth getting, even if I am nowhere near being an experienced lace knitter. Maybe someday. Enjoy seeing all your beautiful work.

fleegle said...

Wonder how they got permission?

The eBayers must be really annoyed!

miyamojo said...

Yippee! *happy dance* Thanks for letting us know! :)

Jane said...

Things like this remind me that life is good! I can only hope all of the Nieblings might some day be available :-)

Taueret said...

I would never be able to knit that but since my daughter's name is Lyra I always wanted the pattern anyway!