Sunday, August 17, 2008

Traveling Princess

Knitting bags are available in all kinds of assortments but there is no perfect knitting bag. Most of us end up with a Ziploc bag that gets replaced time after time after time. The regular freezer ones are too small and the one gallon ones are too large, plastic store bags are too noisy, and regular tote bags are usually either too small or the yarn gets stuck to them, pulling out the project can become quite a challenge.
Over the years I have experimented with as many bags as you can imagine I also have had all kinds of knitting-bag related accidents: dropping the ball of yarn in the bus and having it roll under the seats, yarn getting caught on the zipper slider, having to run to get on the bus and dropping the name it I have done it!
When I decided to go portable with Princess I had to get a knitting bag that would be:
1. Large Enough
2. Slick material
3. Water proof
4. No noise
5. Protect the knitting and the needles from the zippers, keys etc.
6. Have some kind of closure mechanism that is fast and reliable

After going through my bag stash I knew I had to come up with something different. Here is the result:
A drawstring bag made out of windbreak fabric. It took about 30 minutes to make with the serger, a dinner plate as the template for the bottom and the circumference formula:

Note the row counter attached to the string (cleverness!)

This is the setup on the train. The computer case on wheels, black bag with my purse and Princess inside another large bag. I can drape the drawstring bag over the zipper to protect the yarn. Thankfully the train has enough leg space that I do not bump into anyone else.
It has been worth it! I finished the border and the Laurel leaves insert and now I am on my way to the center. There is a lot of knitting still but I am getting closer every day!


Lorette said...

OK, the bag is brilliant, but I can't believe that you are knitting Princess on a moving train. You are leagues braver than I am.

Taueret said...

the bag is inspired. love the counter :-).

fleegle said...

Um, you are completely insane.

The bag is fantastic, but there is clearly something wrong with you--knitting Princess on a train! And I thought I was a little off-kilter :)

My favorite traveling knitting bags are made out of silky umbrella material--soft, slick, waterproof, and pretty poke-proof. I bought a bunch of them in Japan at an umbrella store.

Anonymous said...

You clever little thing. That bag is a terrific idea. I can't believe that you can knit Princess on a train. Most people can't knit it in a quite room, sitting in their favorite chair.

Terrific idea. You are a master at lace. I know and have the proof here at home. BTW, I wore Forest Path to Church. Slipped it over my shoulders and then draped it over my hair - for we are having Mass in Latin. I love that.

Jane said...

Excellent travel bag! I can't imagine knitting the Princess on a train but you are so dedicated that it does make sense. Just don't do what Queer Joe did and leave it behind by accident (shudder)