Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dye Day

Last Saturday our Wasatch Woolpack Handspinners Guild had a cellulose dye day. Thanks to one of our members So Many Ideas, So Much Fiber, So Little Time, who generously donated the dyes, several of us were able to experiment. I had several things I wanted to dye but I have wool dyes that will not work on cellulose fibers.
Dug out from the stash:
1 lb of Ingeo (corn fiber)
1 lb of Silk Latte (milk protein fiber)
A rayon chenille wrap segment that I wanted to dye using the turned Ikat technique.

This is the ingeo, I used a low water immersion technique. The idea was to have defined areas of each color and some blend in between.

This is the turned Ikat warp. The red is richer in person, I have yet to take out the ties. As Bonnie Tarses said, the wrapped areas are hard as hoses. I know there is some yellow and orange under the plastic but there are definite white areas where I wanted them to be.

Silk Latte, the colors are exactly the same we used for the two previous ones. But this fiber did not take as much dye. It came out in lovely pastel colors. I made a huge crochet chain with the roving and dyed it with sponge brushes. It is going to take a lot of drafting to spin this one, but the colors are pretty enough that it will not be a problem.

Next: find the time and dress the loom using the dyed warp section and the rest of the yarn that was left white.


Woven ~N~ Spun said...

I've come to really like ikat turned weft and have skeins already wrapped and ready to dye....whenever I do that again that is.

fleegle said...

I guess I am still in my red phase--that red yarn is a glorious color!

Meg in Nelson said...

Luuuuv the blues... I like the reds, too, but I do love the blues...

Jane said...

Your experiments turned out terrific! I don't have much sucess with dyes so far but I love the colors you ended up with :-)

junieann said...

Wow, your colors are lovely. What an interesting technique. I can hardly believe all you do and work too. Wonder woman in a tiny package! (g)

I think I am missing out on some really fun adventures by not at least dyeing yarn.

(I am looking for a good sport weight in a pale yellow - A silk/wool blend. If you see any...)