Sunday, October 05, 2008

Great Basin Fiber Fair and WWHS Team Exchange 2008

This weekend was the Great Basin Fiber Fair unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts it was held one week later than planned. The result a rainy, cold and uncomfortable day to be outside. That however, did not keep us from sharing, shopping and having fun. There were vendors, animals, demos, workshops and of course the Wasatch Woolpack Handspinners Guild and Mary Meigs Atwater Weavers Guild, both of which I belong to.

This is the second year of the WWHS guild Team exchange. We did it last year and had lots of fun. This year the exchange was due back in June but we held off because one of the participants lives far away and we knew she was comming to GB.
The rules: spin the yarn, decide on a project and provide the pattern. Your team mate will weave/knit/crochet the garment. At the end the finished garment belongs to the yarn owner. Everyone goes away with something made from his/her own handspun yarn and made by a friend. Both times it has been few of us, but we will keep at it, hopefully in years to come we will have more participants.

Here we are, from left to right: Shirley, Cindy , Sue, me and Cayenne.

This is Sue wearing her rib warmer knit by Shirley

Cayenne showing off the beautiful Mountain Peaks Shawl knit by Cindy. Cayenne chose the colors for each section that represent the Wasatch and Rocky Mountain Ranges.

This is me wearing and admiring the cables on Samus Cayenne did a beautiful job. The yarn is a blend of alpaca, mohair and wool.

This is the shawl I wove for Cindy. It is a broken twill. I used every bit of Cindy's handspun for the warp and used a commercial wool yarn that I found at Three Wishes. Cindy wanted: something woven and there she has it.

For some odd reason I did not get a closeup picture of the beautiful felted mittens that Sue knit for Shirley. You can see a bit of them in the first picture. Knit, felted and finished with lovely embroidery.

Edited to add: Sue sent a picture of the lovely mittens so here they are:

We are all looking forward to next years team exchange and hopefully we will recruit more participants. We have yet to figure out a way of entering these items into the State Fair. It is a lot of fun and gives people an option of seeing their handspun turned into a beautiful finished item.


fleegle said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!

What basin?

Dorothy said...

I love to see these photos of your exchange, what beautiful things have been made and what super fun.

Tan said...

Your exchange things look great! I'm sorry I missed you yesterday. I was in Sue's class.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Enter them all in the State Fair, 2009. Maureen

Windybrook Spinner said...

Thanks so much Laritza! It was a wonderful exchange.

Jane said...

It really looks like a great time.I think the wrap you wove is lovely.