Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dye Exchange Handspun Handwoven blanket

I used all of the fiber I got from the Wasatch Woolpack dye exchange this year. The intent was to use only the exchange yarn but there was not enough yarn to weave the piece the width and length I wanted it. I added most of the handspun yarn I had sitting around. The weft is Jagger Spun yarn. Sett 12 epi, woven in plain weave. I had some tension issues from the front rod tieup that caused skipped threads. Those I fixed with a darning needle. The fringe was cut at 6 inches long and twisted in 4 thread sections.

I tied the warp to a dummy warp I had on the loom. After doing this several times I have come to the conclusion that it does not safe time and not really too much warp. It does safe from threading mistakes. This one is the fourth handspun handwoven blanket I make and that will be it for a while since I don't have any more fiber is colors to spin. I do have plenty of other fiber but not in different colors, plus how many blankets should one have?

Next on the Glimakra a rug and on the Leclerc Compact a Huck lace table runner. .....I love the rithm in weaving!

Again: click on the images for a better idea on color. Blogger keeps washing out the pictures....I wonder why?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Laritza! What are the dimensions? I've been saving up handspun for my first woven blanket to be done in 2009. Maureen

fleegle said...

Super-fabulous, mt dear!

Have a lovely New Year! Entertain us with your Cochinelle software, please!

Peg in South Carolina said...

No, dummy warps do not save time unless you are tying onto a warp with a very complex threading (many overshot patterns, for example) which take a looooooooonnnnnnnnnggg time to thread....! If you are using a large loom, there can be as much as a yard of loom waste. A dummy warp will reduce that waste to 12"-18". If you lash on, it could be as low as 9".

Holly said...

Really Beautiful!

Jane said...

What a great way to use up stash. My Flip is only 25 inches in width but that would make a respectable shawl. I've got to take another look at what I have. Happy New Year!