Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Workshop Apron and visitor mouse

One of the participants at a weaving workshop I went to this year was wearing an apron. How clever! Scissors, pen, notebook, warp separators and even tapestry needle all in tow. I have said it before, I am not a seamstress or come even close. But I figured I could handle this one. Pattern traced from an old apron, a dip into my little tiny fabric stash and here we are.
It is quilted...kind off because I did not top stitch anything. But it is reversible and has batting between the two layers. The pocket is also quilted and large enough to fit the scissors.

I also wanted the pin cushion but a red/pink store bought one even if tiny would not go well with the colors. I Googled for pin cushion patterns and found a website with gazillions of them. I don't like mice or rodents at all, but this little guy looked harmless enough to have around. I make the cone, filled it with cushion filling stuff (also from the stash) tucked in the rear end, and made the tail and the ears with finger cord. The eyes and the whiskers are the same strand of yarn using the famous whisker/eye embroidery method.......

I get a kick on how the Basset is glancing at the mouse.
Note to self: organize the never ending pile of stuff sitting on the bed in my studio or move Simona next time you are going to take a picture.


fleegle said...

Cute! Nice apron, too. A photographer's vest works well too.

Meg in Nelson said...

Happy New Year! I love the pooch fabric.

Leigh said...

Very cute pin cushion. And very nice vest!