Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Machine Knit Socks

Socks size 11, calf length, fine yarn, solid color = Machine Knitting.
There is no way I am going to knit these by hand. I did it a couple of times and called it quits.
On the knitting machine it is another story ONCE you master the technique. I wanted round heels, round toes. It did not happen because I could not figure out the instructions in the book. NOW I know and the next pair will be round heels and toes.
I frogged one of these socks 5 times until I gave up and knit a Peasant heel and a regular short row toe. The second sock took about 45 minutes plus sewing and grafting time.
Yarn is KnitPicks Essential sock yarn, it is superwash Merino blend. Nice and stretchy. It held up well to all the frogging although it does split a bit if not handled with care. I had to pick up the stitches with DPN and had to use 1.5 mm needles. That tells you how fine they are. I think they will hold up well to wear because they are that tight, but the fabric has a nice hand.
The leg was knit flat using the ribber for 2/2 ribbing, the foot knit in the round. Sewing at the sides of the heel and grafted the toes.
Lessons learned:
Every line in the pattern is important, and should not be skipped......
Check row gauge after the heel is done.
When knitting off into waste yarn use higher tension, ravel cord and yarn
Always use the P carriage when knitting in the round
Cast on on waste yarn to hang the comb so the edge of the ribbing does not stretch.
You can knit 5 socks in one day!
Machine knitting is fun but has its own challenges, there is more control over hand knitting.
Verdict: I like them and will knit more trying other style heels and toes that I think will fit DH's foot a lot better.


fleegle said...

Cheater cheater!

But they are really handsome!

Bonnie said...

I wear a size ten (grin)