Sunday, February 01, 2009

Focus? Yeah Right!

Project monogamy is how I used to work. Not any more, the array of interest is above and beyond that possibility. I knit, machine knit, weave and spin. A recap of the ongoing projects is kind of scary:
- Princess: pending 20 rows to complete the center plus who knows how many points to complete the edge.
- Salt Lake City Winter Olympics cardigan: pending 2/3 of the color work on the body and all the color work on the sleeves. You could say it is 70% complete if one does not count the sewing and cutting and facings.
- Sample for the weaving workshop: The loom is dressed and I started my sample. So far about 10 inches out of the 72 I plan to weave. Cotton scarf for my grandma.
- Warp for rug: calculations are done, the carpet warp is sitting by the warping mill along with the contrast yarn that will be used to tie the chains. Guide string in place.....or not if I decide to measure warp for three instead of two rugs.
- Warp for scarf: the chains are sitting in a bucket waiting for either an idle loom or a place to set up the table loom. This is plain weave with novelty yarn, a gift for a friend that fell in love with a shawl I wove, since its a he I will weave a scarf using the same yarn.
-Mid Gauge knitting machine: ribbed hooded cardigan for me, the back is complete up to the start of the armhole decreases. It is English ribbing 2/1/2 I had to stop last night because all of a sudden I was not sure on how to go about the decreases. The question is posted on the yahoo list, some kind soul is likely to come along today and help me out. This is a hand knitting pattern from Drops modified for the machine.
- Standard Gauge machine: holds one sock for DH up to about the middle of the foot. I will finish it today and start the second sock....maybe I can finish these today.
- Roberta spinning wheel holds about 2 oz out of many pounds (I do not want to know how many) of very soft wool that I had forgotten about. I have white and brown wool and the plan is to spin it all up and use it to weave a blanket using a Log Cabin draft.
-Rose spinning wheel: about an ounce of spun yarn out of 4 oz of very pretty light blue roving that will become beaded yarn. The plan is to use it to knit-weave the cuffs and the front/collar band for a cardigan.

The question is: will all this be completed? sure! eventually in different stages it will all be done.

ETA: I forgot about the train project! About 10 inches of the back of Flying Geese cardigan (AS pattern) The yarn is Scottish Fleet in bright lovely red. The stitch pattern is simple yet entertaining enough and it is going fast.


fleegle said...

Um, perhaps you need another hobby to keep busy? For example, macrame, tatting, or butterfly collections? :)

Cheryl S. said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading about all of those projects!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Laritza, a long way to go to catch up to my number of WIPs :D

Jane said...

If it was anyone else I'd worry but I know you can do all of those projects and I look forward to seeing you show them off to us :-)