Saturday, March 21, 2009

Princess and Dog Ears

I finished the Princess center. While knitting the last 5 plain knit rows, all of a sudden it struck me that there was not going to be a way of turning the corners to attach the top edging.
I re-read the pattern, looked a the shawl and there it was. The pattern says to pickup the stitches for the border all the way along the inner edge of the points. NO TURNING instructions. I still can not understand why I did not think of it at that point, it would have been really easy to pick up all but the stitches corresponding to the two outermost points on both sides. I guess it was the excitement of having completed the never ending edge and the eagerness to keep going with the border. The fact is that when I realized what was going to happen it was way too late for any kind of corner adjustment. I asked on the Heirloom list, and others had done the same thing I did. I asked the designer and she said the pattern was correct, that I had done it right and there was no need for turning corners, just to fudge and block the shawl, that it will have an oval shape and not so much of a triangle. Well fudging after 15 months of knitting is not exactly the most appealing solution, but there is no other. I can not fudge in the knitting as I apply the final edge. I will have to fudge in the blocking.

I am upset at myself for not having seen it. I have knit many many shawls, triangular, squares..I have knit Gossamer shawls from patterns from Russia. I have designed my own and I have turned many many corners on shawls and sweaters and blankets. Yet here I did not even think there would be a potential problem. It is no ones fault but mine. For once I did not change the pattern except for changing the number of points to knit at the beginning. I just stuck to the pattern like a beginner and here are the results. I took pictures from different angles with the shawl laying flat against the table. Blocking will have to be vigorous and I dare not do any pulling or tugging on a dry shawl. I just hope that some way somehow it will flatten out.

For the lucky ones that have not picked up the border stitches, the solution is very simple. Pick up all the stitches but the two out most points. Knit 4 more points than the math I did back then. and leave those two points loose. When you finish the center, sew the initial edging turning the corner and then finish the top edge. Another solution is to knit 4 less points at the beginning, when you get to the border pick up the stitches as instructed but cast on side stitches (20 is a good guess but do the math) and knit the border and the center. When it is time to finish the edge, start attaching it and turn the corners at the same time. I think this second method is a lot easier. Because there will be no sewing involved except for the last row to the first row of the edge.

Here you go the dog ears:


miyamojo said...

Oh no. I'm going to end up with dog ears too. Bummer. I'm pretty sure it'll block out... hopefully.

You're so close to finishing! I'm excited for you! m :)

fleegle said...

You're cruel! We need better photos! Was it you who asked me this question? Someone did and I made the same suggestions, although I did add that it would be possible to turn the corners using short rows.

I can't wait to see it fimished! Congratulations!!!!

Windybrook Spinner said...

Too bad. I'm sure it will work out. The shawl looks incredible and you are amazing. I didn't know what you were talking about half of this post. I guess I need to knit some more shawls, but I think I'll leave the ones that take 15+ months to knit to you.

Jane said...

And yet it will still be quite beautiful since your knitting is spectacular. It's those little details that elude us but you will persevere and triumph in the end :-)

junieann said...

Dear Lartiza:

What a disappointment Princess must have been when you discovered the error. I had heard about it years ago, but thought it had been corrected. Since you know that I am a pathetic lace knitter - I wouldn't even attempt that piece.

I don't know many who have actually knitted it and finished it. I hope it blocks out for you. I think it will. What a shame that the author didn't post the errors that she knew about on her website - or sent out corrections to everyone who purchased the pattern.

Frankly, anything you knit turns out beautifully. It will be beautiful. Congrads on the new degree. You have so much talent and are so gifted, it is a privelege to be your friend.

love and Happy Easter

OceanKnitter said...

I'm a bit behind the times, but I wanted to thank you for posting this. Since you mentioned the error, I've been debating how I want to address it. I'm not quite done with the edging, so at least I have a choice. I'm still thinking that adding the extra points at either end would work best. In fact, I'm going to do the 85+4, which is longer than heck, but I think it will give the most flexibility for turning. I'm sure those floppy bits hanging off either end will annoy me to the very end.