Sunday, April 05, 2009

Pendelton Selvage Rug and mystery yarn

There it is. My first ever rug woven with Pendelton Selvages. It came out quite nice or so I think.

I wove a header on both ends with carpet warp and beat it very very hard. Two inches on both sides. Then hem stithed it. Tied knots with warp ends 4 at a time to minimize bulk. Folded the headers and did a crab stitch to hold the hems down. No fringes. I do not like rugs with fringes.

Warp: carpet warp 8/4 doubled set at 8 ends per inch. Width on the loom 24 inches, width off the loom 23 inches. Length 36 inches.
Weft : Pendelton Selvages beat very very hard. I found out that the selvages have a right and a wrong side to them. I did not realize it until I was almost done with this rug. If you lay the weft consistently you will have a fuzzy side and a not too fuzzy side. In this rug it comes and goes.
The rug weighs 2.7 lbs I had 9 lbs total. Meaning I have enough for two more rugs.
The rest of the warp will be woven with rags cut from DH's shirts.

I still have no idea what the fiber is on this yarn. I am weaving it from a draft from the Eight Shaft book called Breaks and Recesses. I quite like it. Since I don't know what the yarn is going to do when I wash it, I wove a tabby header of about 5 inches. It it washes into towel texture I will cut it and hem it, if it washes into shawl fabric texture, I will have 'protected' ends so I can twist the fringe. How is THAT for a plan?
Blogger turned the last picture on its side, I have no idea why and I could not talk it into turning it right side up. So there it is sideways....


fleegle said...

Great use for old shirts! The mystery yarn is lovely and so is the pattern--looks very delicate from here.

Leigh said...

Wonderful rug! I really need to try some rug weaving. And what a good idea for weft.