Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Accidental Weaves

A couple of weaving lists have been talking about accidental weaves. Some interesting posts came from Maggie and Eva.
Could I resist and not play? of course not!

How do we get from here:

To here?

Better quit playing with this stuff, next thing you know you NEED a 32 shaft loom!

I might just have to weave this cloth.


fleegle said...

It's pretty! Go for it!

Jane said...

If anyone could weave it you could! Besides. It's not about need. It's all about want!

Laritza said...

Jane: Glad to see you! I was beginning to think you had gone missing on a spider adventure :)

fleegle said...

Phil says Hi and wonders if you are ever going to update your blog?

It's now Friday and so things are bound to improve!