Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Perfect Spindle Bag

The reason why we have so many bags is because THE bag has yet to be invented. I am a bag collector like any other fiber artist I know. The only knitting bag I use is one I made a while back it works very well and fits large and small projects.
After knitting, drop spindling is the best portable project there is. But spindles are fragile and have to be well stored. After trying many different things, I 'think' I have come up with the Ultimate Spindle bag:

It is sturdy, will not collapse, it does not have zippers or closures to snag the roving, it closes tight. Fits a 10 inch large whorl spindle or two. Enough room to carry extra fiber and a Nostepinne if need be. Perfect!

I am making more for sale, they can be personalized with or without embroidery customer's choice. Many colors available.


Lorette said...

Let me know what you have available. I "need" a spindle bag or two. The lightweight cloth bags I have don't protect the spindle well enough.

fleegle said...

Those are neat! But have you seen these:

I had them made for me in Thailand. Fully lined, sturdy, and has a carrying strap.