Sunday, November 08, 2009

A stack of napkins

Here they are all 19 in all their glory. I wove 4 each with a different tie up and treading. Pressing them took forever!

This is my set, there is one that does not have a partner in the big stack. I wanted mine all different. I finished the hem on all of mine, the rest only have a line of machine stitching to avoid unraveling. Each weaver will finish her own hems.

The exchange is this week, I can't wait it see the rest!

I loved the process. Hopefully the lessons learned will last and I will not repeat the same mistakes next time I dress the loom.


Susan B. said...

Those are fabulous! 19!!!! wow!

fleegle said...

Fabulous! Amazing! I love the variations :)

Life Looms Large said...

Congratulations! 19 napkins is a big accomplishment!!


Dorothy said...

Those look very special. What thread did you use? I very impressed by your managing such a great long warp and the beautiful results.

Laritza said...

Thank you!
The warp and weft are both 10/2 cotton set at 30 epi, 600 ends total. The drafts from 'Weaving with Foot-Powered Looms' the chapter on Swedish weaving. It has tiny little pictures that I was curious about.