Sunday, July 25, 2010

Black Chenille Shawl

Fresh off the loom:

I love to weave chenille. It is probably the yarn I have woven the most with.
The fabric feels just like velvet with a beautiful hand.
Sett 18 epi
Edited: The weft is cotton the warp is the chenille!! Thanks to Cynthia for pointing it out. Warp 20/2 cotton. I should have used a closer sett to avoid the white showing as much, but its done and the white gives it a bit of character.....or so I say.

There is one more cone of chenille in the stash, a beautiful Antique Rose color, it will go up next on the loom.
I made this shawl 24 inches wide on the loom and 80 inches long plus the fringe, long fringe too.
I know its a bit too long for me but it will wrap around nicely and serve as a good commuter pillow coming Winter!


fleegle said...

I'll bet that is most luxurious! I love the feel of chenille, but do not like to knit with it :(

Terri said...

Your chenille shawl feels and looks even better in person. Job well done!

Cynthia said...

If the warp is cotton -- is the fringe tied on, then?

Laritza said...

Cynthia you are right! the weft is cotton the warp is the chenille!
Thanks for pointing it out!