Saturday, May 28, 2011

A girl has to have a doll for her birthday, right?

As many of you know, I was born and raised in Colombia South America, I don’t have children and just found out about the AG last week! Backtrack about 45 years, my mom was big into dolls. She always said she bought dolls for me, and made clothes for my dolls, but the more I think about it, the more I think she really did it for herself :)….she knew all about knitting, crocheting and sewing clothes for the dolls, she was well known at the Doll Hospital in Bogota…she knew the names of just about any doll there was available in Colombia back then…..even when I had grown up, she would make new outfits for everyone at least once a year, her version of Spring cleaning! For some reason, we never knew of the AG dolls.

Head dress

I have my two favorite dolls, plus a few I bought in Spain, and of course Barbies and clothes. When I first came to the US I found Paradise Dolls and made several of the gowns…still have a couple in the queue.

Princess Diana 1985 Beaded Gown

But these AG dolls are just TDF!

I have no children of my own, there are no girls in my family….but I have to have a doll! LOL! I told my husband and he said “I think that is more than alright”. Gotta love the man!

I was going to order a doll but then found out about the brand new store opening in Tyson’s corner in VA…..hummm my mom is no longer with us, but my dad is coming in July, he will be here on my birthday.
My plan: I am going to ask my dad for a doll, and I am going to go to the store with him to get it. There, I don’t care. A girl can have her dad buy her a doll for her birthday right?


fleegle said...

Those are sweet! And you can have anything you want for your birthday. That's the rule )

Anne said...

Most definitely.

A friend just bought an AG doll for her daughter....but I too think it is for herself that she bought it....

Now I want one too - I figure it would be much faster to knit for the AG doll than for me LOL

Honestly - what a coincidence - I've already got one design ready to go LOL

Cheryl S. said...

Well, you know how -I- feel about it, of course! LOL.

Daddy should absolutely buy a doll for you for your birthday.

Your Princess Diana gown is stunning!

Cynthia said...

My seven year old daughter has been saving her allowance and presents for an American Girl doll for about six months now. I'm stockpiling patterns for us to make together. I do think their accessories are terribly expensive, but the dolls themselves are very well made. My nieces have loved and played with theirs for at least 10 years and they are still in good shape.