Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weaving Deflected Threads

Last night I was reading emails and wondering how I could use some glitter yarn to weave a scarf (yes I tend to multitask). To my surprise there had been a recent discussion in one of the weaving lists. As always, generous fiber artists had lots of references, among others one to an article in Handwoven, Nov./Dec. 2009, pp. 28-29 by Bobbie Irwin. Magazine, yarn and loom came out, and by 3:00 am this morning I was ready to start weaving. I started measuring the warp at 12:30 am, so it wasn't too bad.
The article says to pickup the individual threads, but I figured there had to be a faster way of doing it. I combined techniques, made string heddles attached to a heddle stick. I am almost done weaving the scarf.
Because I know others are interested in using novelty yarns in the warp, I made this short video illustrating how I did it. Hope it helps someone.


Terri said...

Laritza, The technique you came up with is very impressive. How clever...

I hope you got caught up on your sleep after pulling an "all nighter".

Can't wait to see your finished shawl.

Anonymous said...

Clever, clever, clever!!!!! I wouldn't have thought of it. Thanks!
I learned something today...thanks.
Ruthe Stowe... ;)

Earthling said...

Oh my Laritza, this is so beautiful! I love weaving too, but alas don't have a loom at the moment. Hopefully one day soon.