Friday, January 13, 2012

And now we have Ewe

This pattern came out at the end of the year, Fair Isle and stranded knitters quickly fell for it. Of course me too!
I used my own handspun yarn...not surprised to find out I had more than the 9 natural shades of wool called for, and the 9 I used are Shetland wool.

Ram heads:

Ram heads

Then the ewes:


It gets worse:

and even worse with a cowl

I think the cowl is a bit too much, but the blanket is a cutie for sure!
I might knit it but on the machine, as I said before I am focused on lace knitting and time is precious, since I want the blanket, have the yarn and it will go quicker on the machine....why not? Specially if it is my handspun yarn, and remember we said it is not like I am going to put the yarn on the machine push a button and come back to a finished blanket...nope..I have to start by drafting the pattern, punching the cards or drawing it in the software, it all depends on which machine is best for the yarn I have.
That will happen when I come back from far away lands in about a week or so.
Stay tuned!


Cheryl S. said...

Oh, that's just lovely! Tams are so pretty - it's too bad I look awful in them.

fleegle said...

Gorgeous! Stunning!