Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I did not disappear, I did not forget!

I have been embedded reading Fleegle's Book.

I started spinning way back then, I have loads of books. There is not one book out there that has the wealth of information as this one has.

The only thing I think is wrong with the book is the title. It is not a book just on support spinning, about half or more contains fabulous information on different types of fiber, fiber preparation, advice on what to look for when buying all kinds of fiber and what to avoid. It is not exhaustive information, the type that makes you sleepy and you end up wandering off, the content is rich, entertaining, well researched, and to the point.

I am reading mine (yes, I have not finished, because just reading makes me want to go and find my spindles and experiment) on the NookColor using EZpdf reader. Browsing is easy, fast, the zoom works on the text and the pictures better than any other ebook I have read before.

If you don't have it yet in your hot little hands, I advice you do so as fast as your mouse can click. The pictures, the format, the information are worth more than you can expect to get for the price.

Even if you are not yet a spinner, but have even thought about learning, go get the book, all your doubts will be clear and all you will need after that is a nice amount of fiber and a spindle to spin!

Spin happy!