Sunday, September 13, 2015

Almost time to go!

I mentioned at the beginning of the year I was going on a dream trip. Time has come we are leaving next Wednesday. I am going with my three friends, all knitters, two them weavers and spinners.  The trip has in my wish list for over 10 years, ever since I found out about Shetland Ring Shawls.
The main attraction this time of the year is Shetland Wool Week, it is the 6th year and it promises to be amazingly fun!
There will be classes, workshops, demos, vendor markets, and all the wooly wonders one can imagine.
We are going a week in advance to explore the land at leisure.
The first stop is Aberdeen, one night, the next day we take the Northlink Ferry to Lerwick, rent a car and buzz down to Bressay Lighthouse where we will stay three nights.  Then we head north all the way to Unst and its surroundings.  By then it will be time for Wool Week to start so we go back to Lerwick where we have a Self Catering rental apartment.
Planning begun last year when my friends came for Shenandoah Fiber Festival. We started looking for places to stay because we knew isles are small and likely to get booked quickly for the event. It took some digging around to find places to stay, but a bit of patience and lots of digging the interwebs  finally had wonderful results.
We are of course very excited and full of expectations.  There is wild life, nature, wonderful old places to explore.
I have no idea if we will have access to the internet reliable enough to post pictures but I will post many and give detailed account of all the adventures here sooner or later.
Starting this year they are holding a Summer event as well, more of a tour than several events together. I heard from those that attended this year that it was wonderful, and already booked for next year.
I will report back, I am sure it is as wonderful as everyone says and will be worth our time.
Stay tuned!

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