Friday, August 26, 2005

Things that happen!

Last Sunday night I got really really sick. I don't think I had been that sick since the kidney stone n years ago. And so it happens I ended up in the hospital with surgery. A twisted bowel of all things. I am home recovering now, thankful that things did not get any worse and that it was all taken care of in time.
I am not feeling well at all, I am afraid of spinning even tho my spinning wheels are very nice and easy to threadle, I get dizzy if I knit or read. Sure hope that I can get back to my old self some time soon. My husband has been wonderful taking care of the house, the flock/pack and me.
Now answering Susan's question on the colors of the Pi Shawl: I had a baggy with 4 oz each of white and three shades of grey. I started from the white and went increasing shades of grey. Darkest last. Rumor has it that the shawl recipient: Judy Gunn, entered it in the County Fair and it took First Place. So now I have blue ribbon to attach to it.
I have a couple of shawls, and skeins of handspun to enter to the State Fair. I just need to gather up enough energy today to properlu tie the skeins and fill out the entry form. One of my friends will come and pickup the stuff and take it to the Fair.
We'll see how it goes this year.


Starweaver said...

Hi, Thanks for your comments on the skein, shawl, and the dog. They are Chinese Crested Powderpuffs. Their is a Hairless variety that only has hair on the feet, head, and tail. They are a lovely little breed. My daughter and I breed, raise, and show this breed of dog.

Your Pi shawl is amazing. I'm not a knitter, but sometimes I see things that makes me want to try again. I'm Llynraven on the spindlers list.

Laritza said...

I breed, raise and love yorkies. I know how those little guys can be.
See you around