Sunday, August 21, 2005

This is interesting!

I am doing it! A Blog. Been trying to get one going for a long time, so now maybe it will work out. I have tons of pictures that I want displayed maybe this is the way to do it.
Let's see how it goes.
The picture is a pi shawl knit from my handspun for the Wasatch Woolpack Retreat Fiber Exchange. The recepient was Judy Gunn. She well deserved it since she was the one that got me started with spinning.


Credenza said...

Well Done, Laritza! I have read your posts with interest. That is a beautiful shawl! Did you plan the different colors, or did they just evolve as the spirit moved you? I've spun for my son's poncho and used plying the singles with themselves & with other wool to gradually move between colors. I'm glad you started a blog.


Helen said...

Well congratulations Laritza ! Keep up the good work, you're off to a good start !!
Helen (from Heirloom list)

Ms. Jodi said...

Way to go, Laritza!!! This is beautiful. One of these days... Jodi/NC

Orendon said...

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Market Mgr said...
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Caroline said...

Hi! Saw the link to your blog on the knitted-lace list. I see you've already attracted comment spam (filthy rotten maggots...) Oops, sorry.

Anyway, I *LOVE* your Pi shawl! I will be bookmarking your site, and looking forward to reading the answer to Susan's question, as well as seeing what other pictures you post.

My blog is in Blogger, and I also run the Fiber Arts Blogger ring - feel free to holler if you need any help!

Caroline in NH