Sunday, November 13, 2005

SOAR 2005

I went to the market yesterday. What a fun time I had!
I met Sheila and Jonathan they are lovely people.
The plan I followed was: walk around and look around then come back and buy. I bought a Bosworths Midi Spindle that can spin forever this one in particular spins more forever than the others they had there.
I am on the waiting list for the ones that will be comming in December and I can barely wait!
A friend of mine bought the attache charkra, she already has the book size one :) one happy camper she was for sure!
I also found a set of Ebony circular knitting needles 3 mms and 40 inches long. Lovely and they have a tip that I know is going to be just great for my upcomming Shetland Shawl.
Things that struck me for their beauty: dyed mohair locks. Since I have a full kid mohair fleece in locks, I did not buy any, but I will be dying some pretty soon!
Greensleeves spindle where there too. Elizabeth has beautiful spindles too and I have several of them. Since she is local and I can buy from her any time, I only bought the Bosworths this time around.
Horrible a booth with felted hats. They are made out of felted fabric and then cut and sewn in bits and pieces into the most horrible hats I have ever seen in my life. Sorry if I hurs someone's feeling but the thruth is that.
Something else that I saw that was horrible was some beaded yarn. Over priced as can be $50 or so for a skein of 100 yds. What was bad about them was the core thread with the beads was loose in some spots. That will make the beeds move around in your knitting and maybe get snagged. I have spun beaded yarn in the past, and I know this is one thing to be aware of. Plus the price! I agree that it is more work and all that. But $50 for a skein is way too much!
Other than that everything else was just beautiful. Vendors friendly and things just beautiful.
Paula Simmons was there with the smaller versions of the drum carders. I have a Supercarder but it was fun to see her. Good thing is that Spinning for Softness and Speed has been reprinted. If you are going to own a Spinning book that is one you want to have.
I did not take any pictures.........and I should have. Oh well! next time I guess.

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