Saturday, March 18, 2006

Shetland Shawls

I have been working on these shawls. Why two of them you might ask? One is for my cousin's wedding that is the Wedding Ring Shawl and the other one for my best friend's nephew to be. The little guy is due April, 2006 and I did not start the shawl until he was 31 weeks along or his mother rather. Just to make sure I comply with the knitting traditions: do not knit anything for a baby that is not so far along in the pregnancy. The WRS has 13 more rows to go on the border. The other one has 20 more. Then come the edgings! Those can be a night mare since they are long, very long and take for ever. On the WRS I will have 49,000 + stitches to knit: 140 points x 22 stitches per point x 16 rows per point. The other one I have not even done the math. They look pretty sad here, just a bundle of non-shaped knitting something. I know and I HOPE that once they are off the needles and blocked they will become some lovely beauty!

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Silverthyme said...

You are my inspiration! I'm about to begin the Wedding Ring shawl (tomorrow I hope) and it's nice to see the wonderful progress you've made, and that I'm not entirely crazy for attempting two shawls at once.