Sunday, June 04, 2006

I love finishing stuff!

I am a one, max two project at a time person. For some reason this time I had lots of things OTN and it was driving me nuts!.
This week I finished one of the Shetland shawls the Cameron designed by Sharon Miller. Blocked and all! It is going to my best friends nephew. Santiago Uribe Gomez was born in Colombia, my home country. I stared it at the end of January and casted off end of April. Knit with needles US4 and Zephyr: silk wool blend from Jaggeryarn. Love the yarn! I did have an oops with it rrrrrrrr spilled coffee! I tried all kinds of different chemicals but the stain still shows. More than likely I am the only one that really sees it, I gues just because I know it's there. Oh well! It will be used at Santiago's baptism ceremony later on this year. Now the big question is: how on earth do I get it to Colombia in a safe way? I will not trust regular mail with it. So we'll see how or with whom I send it.
The sweater, is 50/50 alpaca wool with bits and pieces of recycled silk. The roving/blend was my own inspiration carded by Spinderella. Handspun by me on the Louet S45. Knit in stockinette stitch, the yarn did not lend for any stitch pattern. I will take pictures of me wearing it. The flat on the bed ones do not do show it well enough, but what really matters here is the yarn. It is a plain cardigan knit sleeves first, then from the top down, short row shoulders , mount sleeves as I go. Then the bottom part fronts and back at once. NO SEAMS! Gotta love it!


Tallguy said...

Absolutely gorgeous shawl!! That is a lot of work, I know, but the results are so worth it! Things like these just can't be rushed. And that large coffee stain in the bottom of the photo?-- you can't even see it if you don't look for it! Hahaha

Spinning looks beautiful! True, with that yarn, any stitch pattern would be lost. To show off your handspun yarns, with that colouring, a simple stocking stitch is best. It will look lots better ON you, rather than lying there.

Susanne said...

You could overdye your shawl with a light mix of tea and that way it would look "antique". I sure hope you get that stain out otherwise, as it is one gorgeous shawl and deserves to be showcased at the babe's christening.