Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I do not like seaming, seaming is boring, seaming is hard :) That clear?
So for the most part I avoid seams! What I usually do, if I am following a pattern that is.....I make the modifications necessary and cast on either for circular knitting or back and forth. That includes the whole thing: fronts and back. Then pattern permissible I pick-up the stitches for the sleeves and knit them from the top down. The result seamless sweaters!
The picture shows one of Nora Gaughan’s patterns from Knitting Nature. Modified big time! The body was knit in the round, the yoke picked up as per instructions AND the sleeves from the top down and short.
Yarn: bottom: Cascade Sierra in needles #6
Yoke and sleeves: Ultra Alpaca from Berroco also needles #6.

The yellow one is also a modification of the Grey Collection from the Summer 2006 Vogue magazine. Again body in the round. The neck trim was attached as I knit it having previously picked up the stitches. The sleeves knit from top down.
Yarn: Soy Silk from Southwest Fibers
Needles #5
The yarn has no elasticity at all, the cables were very difficult to knit and I had tension problems all along. I would use this yarn again for weaving but not for knitting. It has lots of drape, not a good quality for a top.
I found a mistake in the neck decrease cables so I modified that too.
More pictures here.

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Jaws said...

Yes, I HATE seaming as well! I also fanagle the pattern to minimize the seaming!

Fleur, however, has such different construction that I followed the pattern to a T. I'm dreading the seaming part. I thought of ways to knit a border where I pick up stitches, but I think I'm going to have to seam the border on.

. . .Is that the Teriokhin braid I see?

Thanks for your comments on Fleur. Really, if you feel strongly about an option I've dismissed or haven't mentioned, please let me know. If you have pix of it to pass along, that would be great, too.