Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Red Sweater

Blogger will NOT let me join the Red Sweater KA. So I guess I will blog from the comments!

Here is my red sweater as of last night. It is seamless, at least the body. The sleeves will be knit in the round and then I will sew them on. With complex stitch patterns it is difficult to knit them from the top down. But the seams are reduced to the minimum required!


Chris said...

WOW!!!!! I clicked on the phot and got a closer look!! It is just amazing!!!! I am sooooo impressed! What's the pattern? How long have you been knitting?
Chris at Briar Rose Fibers

Laritza said...

Chris: I have no way of communicating with you! other than comments. I have been knitting 42 years. Dating myself here I learned at 4 :)
The pattern is from the Winter issue of Interweave Knits magazine. Modified by me to go in one piece, at least the body.