Saturday, December 09, 2006

I have met the Midas of Fiber!

I am dead serious! this woman turns whatever fiber she touches into pure Gold!. Spinderella's mill is just a few miles away from my house. So every Fall or so I take my alpaca's fleeces for her to card and spin. I have it blended with wool for elasticity. Last year she spun it into weaving yarn. You can see pictures here. This year I had her spin it into worsted weight. Oh my! it came out so beautiful! It is soft, consistent and just crying to be knit into sweaters! We'll see.
While I was there, I saw this beutiful silk she had just pulled out of the carder. Handyed in lovely colors. The green one has hues of yellow and the "mora en leche" sorry I can not come up with a color name in English :) has hues of red! Of course I could not pass on and brought home two ounces each color.
Silk is usually fiddly to spin, it is hard to draft and best spun from the fold. But this stuff just drafts itself. In turn it does not create that little tiny mess that silk usually forms at the end while spinning. Click on the pictures for larger. More pictures here.
Off to spin more silk!......I might have to go get some more!


Traci said...

I just glanced through your blog. How talented you are! Beautiful yarn!

Sarah said...

Hi Laritza! You've won the contest I held way back in October about the decreases on my Bubble sweater. Congratulations! If you can send me your snail mail address I will get your prize sent off to you! Thanks - Sarah

susan said...

I was at Lynn's right after you left. Looks like I got the same color of silk as you. ;)

Leigh said...

Dreamy yarn. I agree that a good preparation of silk is wonderful to spin, but otherwise it's tough! (I love to spin silk.)

I appreciated your comment at my blog about using dumb bells to weight warp. How do you tie them on? The "advantage" of using half gallon milk jugs was that they are light to store. But they still take up a lot of space, and as you saw, have their own problems.

Jennifer said...

"mora en leche" translates to "blackberry in milk"

your silks are beautiful!!

jackie said...

What beautiful fibre. I'm glad that you were able to up load pictures of them!
And I love your pet! We have a pet spider in the bathroom. S/he's just above the night light and is doing well so far this winter. Any time one of the kids finds an insect of appropriate size, they feed it. This time of year, meals are few and far between, but our little spinner patiently waits.
Thanks for stopping by at my blog