Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blocking Niebling Patterns

Several of Niebling patterns have a "fault" when blocking. I write it in quotes because I am not really sure it is a design fault. I think it is a blocking technique problem. Last year the Knitted-Lace Group sponsored a study group. Several lace knitters got together and knit Lyra. We have blog, you can see pictures and details here. The patterns says to increase needle size at a certain point to avoid the "waves" on the leaf set #3 if I recall correctly.
The front cover of the Burda Praxis - Strickspitze book (another Burda special of course out of print and sold out) there is a lovely cloth that I knit. In the picture if looked at closely you can see the waves in the second set of leaves. Today, after many months of having completed it, I blocked it. But I did not block it in the conventional way. I ironed and steamed it on the wrong side. Well I got rid of the waves, except on the last set of leaves. I think that in that area the waves are a design element and they will not block flat. But the rest of the doily lays FLAT! So my friends, maybe the conventional way, or rather what we call blocking is not quite what we need for these patterns.
I can not upload pictures! This beta-blogger deal is getting to the thin part of my patience! Here is the link to pictures, hope this works.

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