Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Need a Bag!

I usually ride the bus it is a 35 mile conmute one way, the bus is free, it takes only 15 min more than if I drive and park and walk. Plus I get to knit about 2.5 hours a day. That one is a no brainer.
This morning I got on, sat and got to my knitting. I am knitting the cabled cardigan from Knitters winter 2006. Two sleeves at a time. I pull out the needles and one ball of yarn fell and rolled all the way to the back. I was on the third row. How it missed everyone's feet and bags? I have no idea. What to do? This is 6:30 am, mind you and half of the people are sleep or on their way to. I got up and said: there is a ball of yarn back there, if you would please roll it forward to the person in front of you, the next person please pick it up and wind some yarn and roll it to the next person they all looked at me as if I had fallen from outerspace!. One man said why not just cut it here? the other passangers said in unison: NO! don't do that! she does not need extra knots! by now everyone in the bus 45+ people know exactly what is going on and the ones affected decided to cooperate in the "yarn recovery mission" and they all did :D I got my ball of yarn nicely wound a bit dirty, but it will wash out. So I NEED one of those bags where you can thread the yarn through an eyelet and for the life of me I can NOT find where to buy one. I know I have seen them, they have two eyelets, clear plastic fit two balls.....anyone seen them?

NOW I am is thinking back and smiling but this morning it was NOT funny!


LadyLungDoc said...

check WEBS:

jackie said...

It was nice that people were willing to help wind your yarn. I've never heard of the bag of which you speak but at the bottom of this post

is a nifty little bag that hangs off your leg. She might have a few left.

Jane said...

Dear YorkSett,

Patternworks has what they refer to as "It's in the Bag Holders". They are in the Spring 2007 catalog on page 65. They have two sizes. The Skein holder is 5" wide x 11 1/2 inches hight. The ball holder is 6" wide x 5" high. They are clear and have a hole at the top to pull the yarn.Here are the item numbers in case you want to search in their on-line catalog.
Skein #300274 ($14.49)
Ball #300207 ($10.49)

Hope you this is something like what you wanted!

mzundercover said...

Try getting one of those bags at Wal*Mart (if you don't mind shopping there). My best friend bought me one from there and I love it!

It's called a Yarn Tote and I think it's less than $20.

Happy knitting!