Saturday, June 02, 2007


A while back I started the Beadwork cardigan pattern by Jade Starmore. Swatches and thoughts and some knitting later I have completed the back. No pictures yet. I want to wash and block it just to double check measurements and things.

Amazing what a filter can do to a picture. Turns out that neither of the pictures here are true to color. But you get the idea.
The main stitch pattern is quite complex. It is worked flat and there are pattern stitches on both sides. Twists and turns basically one time one way, next time the other way.
I made a working copy of the pattern, color coded the symbols, put it in a plastic sleeve. To mark the rows I use painters tape. It comes off easy, and the roll will last forever. With the tape I can be sure that I will not loose my place between sessions. There are three charts. One has 31 rows per pattern repeat, the other one 10 rows and the other one 8. Since the rows do not match I am using two row counters. The cheap everywhere available kind and strung together with a plastic cord. The big one for the big chart, the little one for the little chart.
I tried using the new electronic row counters but they are sensitive and the numbers change when stored in the knitting bag!
The first couple of pattern repeats of the large chart went really slow, but by the end of the back I was sailing along. I did manage to make a mistake and laddered down 10 stitches x 4 rows. It was a scary call but it worked.
I modified the pattern distribution. The original pattern is not symmetrical so I set up a spreadsheet to calculate the whole thing so both sides would match. Also the original pattern schematics have 51 cms (about 24 inches) for the total length. That is way too short! Mine is about 27 inches. Since the sleeve has a saddle it will end up being 28 or 28.5 inches in length.
Now the plan is to cast on the sleeves simultaneously on two different sets of needles and knit one pattern repeat on each sleeve at a time. That way the sleeves will be done within one pattern repeat of each other and the increases will match. Plus I will avoid sleeve island! and it is fun to see them grow side by side.
The last part will be the two fronts. Those I think I will cast on on a single needle and knit at the same time. But we'll see about that.
Off the calculate the sleeves.
One day, I will follow a pattern to the dot.........

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Jane said...

Why follow the pattern to the dot when you have such lovely ideas for variations? It's looking wonderful. Excellent work!