Friday, August 17, 2007

My First Quilt!

I am not a quilter and I don't really know a lot about sewing. In Colombia we do not quilt. Just because of the weather I guess. It does get cold and sometimes it freezes for a couple of hours during the winter time, but never like in Utah.
When I came to the USA seven years ago I was fascinated with the lovely quilts I saw around and looked for something "simple" I could make. I set for a denim quilt made with my husband's discarded denim pants. I collected them over the years and last year the project started. Many many pants later I had a LOT of 8 x 8 squares. The quilt references said I needed 13 x 15 squares 195 of them! Slowly I serged them together and ran out of pants. My friend Kristine collected some more for me.
I did not want batting in it, it is heavy enough without any. Finding the fabric for the back was another adventure. I settled for a king size flannel sheet. Then I sewed the two big pieces together and turned it inside out. When I went to stretch it out to baste it I found out I needed a frame or something to pull it taut. Knowing I would not get a frame that size I called around and found they would do it at the Sew and Save store. Away it went and four weeks later here it is:

It might not be a work of art but it was a lot of work! It is heavy and warm. Funny thing is that not until last night I realized how big it really is. I have a hard time picturing inches, feet and yards in my head. 91 x 105 inches to me really did not say a lot. Last night when I put it on the bed I realized it is HUGE! So there it is. Will I make a more artistic one? Probably not or who knows, I might.

Here is a picture of command central

The chair is blocking the view of computer number two and the stacks of books. Yeap I work with two computers at the same time. You can see fiber, books, computers, on the far left my Roberta spinning wheel. That one I have handy and use for plying. I ply while I read. Also note the bump of ready to spin Indigo dyed fiber right by the mouse. I am sure my scientist friends would never understand how I can have piles of data mining, data modeling, etc books and papers intermingled with fiber! It keeps me sane I tell them.


Bonnie said...

Congratulations on your first quilt from a virtual quilter!
I do believe everybody has within themselves:
one quilt
one novel
one stained glass window

OceanKnitter said...

Hi Laritza :)

A work of art! Congratulations on your first quilt. I bet you can't wait to make another. The only risk is ... running out of room for your supplies! One more craft = one more room full of stuff. We love our artistic outlets, don't we?


Leigh said...

It looks great! Congratulations. Quilting was one of my first textile loves, though it's been a long, long time since I made one. You should be proud of yours!

Romi said...

It looks great!

Lorette said...

Congratulations on finishing the quilt! I tlooks great. I like "comman central" too. It looks a lot like my office, right down to the two computers.

Jane said...

I think it's a wonderful quilt! Great job on it! Now you have to collect tons of fabric, thread, frames etc. You may need an addition to the house :-)

Knitterary said...

vThat's a beautiful quilt. And what a clever way to recycle denim!

jackie said...

Congratulations on your first quilt! Mine was about the same, but MUCH smaller. It was a baby quilt. Not a work of art either, but very pratical.