Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Rose of England

It is done! blocked, pictured and everything.
I had a bit of problem getting it to block flat. I could be either because I used 100% linen and it does not have the elasticity that cotton or wool has. The other reason, and I suspect this one is the true one. I stopped knitting it right when I finished the center rose. Several months later I picked it up to finish. Could have been a change in gauge? Don't know, will never know and I am not knitting another one to find out for sure.
It does serve its purpose of draping over the edge of a table as shown in the pictures.
Pattern: The Second Book of Modern Lace ( Marianne Kinzel)
Needles: Inox 2mms in several lengths including a set of DPNs for the center
Amount "not a whole lot" of linen 40/2 by Webs
I guess it could use a bit of starch but I am not going to because it will be going to the Fair and the starch will pickup more dirt than if left alone.

The edge falling over a table.


Detail of the center

Detail of the edge.

Now off to finish plying the yarn for the Peacock Feathers Shawl IF I have managed to spin the right yardage. If not, plans will have to change because all I had of that particular roving went into the dye pot and from there to the wheel.

Edited to add: Margene says it is a shawl. I say it is a Teacloth and I am sticking to it !


Margene said...

What a beautiful shawl! It's such an amazing it!

Kat said...

Wow, tablecloth or shawl, it's GORGEOUS!!

I need to get back to mine--I'm way back on the fifth chart, I think. You've inspired me to work on it some more! I know yours is going to win lots of ribbons!

Tan said...

There is historic, or at least cinematic, precedence to wearing the curtains (sound of music, gone with the wind), so I think you could wear Rose as a shoulder shawl as well as put it on your table. It's so beautiful. Hey, guys, I saw it in person, neener neener. Well, before it was blocked, but still.

Jane said...

Fantastic! It has beautiful drape and is spectacular as either a shawl or teacloth! Beautiful knitting!

Amy said...

Oooh, that's absolutely stunning! I'll bet you're just beaming with pride that you made that! I would be. :)

Lankakomero said...

Lovely, especially the edging! Is your ROE 360 degrees or more? When I knit mine I had to omit the edging, cause it made the cloth much over 360 degrees, pictures here

Marina said...

Wow! That is scary, beautiful! Scary, only because of all those "holes".

missalicefaye said...

Sigh. It's beautiful!

(But I don't even want to think about all the pins it took to block....)

fluffbuff said...

It's gorgeous – whatever you call it – and I can't believe you knit it in 100% linen!

Kim U said...

Wow! That's beautiful!!!

CatBookMom said...

That is STUNNING!! What an accomplishment, and I hope it wins ribbons galore at the Fair! Thanks for posting the photos.

fleegle said...

That is breathtaking! The center! The outside! The edge! I don't know which I like best. I have the pattern and you have inspired me to mark it as a future work. Thanks so much for showing us your skill!

Opal said...

Oh that is gorgeous! Breathtaking really.

Lorette said...

That is stunning, indeed, whether it's a tea cloth or a shawl. And just thinking about all that linen knitting makes my hands hurt.

OceanKnitter said...

Beautiful work, Laritza! Congratulations on completing another wonderful piece.