Wednesday, October 10, 2007


From Viking Knits by Elsebeth Lavold Book 9

Cables have this appeal that is hard to describe, the more complex the more fun they are to knit.

Detail of the cable.
This is a simple knit with endless rows of stockinette but with the beautiful Celtic trim in the front and cuffs.

Yarn: Mill spun by Spinderella from my own alpaca's fleece blended 50-50 with wool.
Needles size US 6

Overall: I like it and love the cables! I think I am hooked on cables for a while now.

This is Fulmar by A St**more. I am 4 repeats into the back. Two more and the back will be pretty much done. Love it!
I modified the pattern a LOT. The smallest size was way too big for me. I am right on gauge but it was going to be HUGE. Then on the body I did not like the way the cables flowed from the ribbing so I modified that too. I kept the same cable distribution but modified the ones that come from the ribbing. I had two long spreadsheet sessions and came up with what you see. I like it and it will fit me....kind off provided I am tiny and Aran sweaters are huge. It will keep me warm.
Yarn: Handspun 100% Shetland . I bought roving and I am recarding it into 2 oz batches and pulling roving out of the drum carder to aid with drafting. Then spinning singles to ply into 4 oz balls. Since it is carded it is woolen spun but the yarn is smooth and not too fuzzy. I think it shows the stitch definition quite nicely.
I have 5 balls already spun and enough recarded for a total of 8 balls. I know I will need a couple more, no worries I have plenty of fiber.


fluffbuff said...

I love the cable cardigan. Lavold's designs are really beautiful.

fleegle said...

Fulmar is beautiful! I love watching other people knit cables :) I usually end up with the cable needle in embarrassing I do lace instead. Lot safer!

Romi said...

Borghild is gorgeous! I love it. :)

missalicefaye said...

Both are just lovely!

Jane said...

Your cable sweater looks great! I love cables too but I can't get sidetracked right now. Still, such a temptation seeing how your sweater turned out.