Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No pictures yet.

I called the shop and they said maybe this week. Three weeks to clean a camera? I guess so.....
At any rate I have:
The Wing O'the Moth shawl (I think I have just changed the name, but you get the idea) done and waiting to be blocked.
Fulmar same as above
A bunch of points of the Princess shawl.
A pair of socks, actually one and a half from Opal yarn that was lovely in the skein and turned out that the colors are really ugly. Black and white, royal blue and white and almost neon yellow and white. Yuck! but they will be nice walk around the house socks so I will finish them up.
Last night I got tired of the Princess edging and figured I needed something else to work on.
I want and have the yarn for a stranded cardigan. Hummm....most patterns out there for stranded are pullovers...guess what just for a change I thought I'd modify a pattern. Like I don't do that all the time!
The Medieval Tapestry by Jade S from the Collectors Items book. As it turned out I don't even have to modify it. All I did was add the stitches for the steek and it will come out just right. By this I mean the pattern repeats will align just right and the motif will be cut right down the middle. I had the ribbed ribbing done when I realized it was curling way too much. I took it out, casted on again using the cable cast on method and it is working just fine now.
On the loom I have this huge lap throw for DH for Xmas. The warp is hand spun and the weft is part of the offending yarn from the last weaving project that failed. It is coming out quite nice. I could have finished it last Sunday but I want a picture of it on the loom so that too will have to wait. He knows about the blog but he never reads it and has no idea that the throw even exists. It will be a big surprise for him. The good news about this part is that I can actually weave and the loom will stay right were it is at and used.
In the mean time I dyed some more hand spun yarn to tie on another warp. I am going to just tie it on using the current one as a dummy warp. It will save some time in threading and sleying and will add some time fiddling with the knots until I get them through the heddles. If the math is right I will have enough for a ruana. I have a couple of ruanas I brought from Colombia but they are white and I want one in colors. Ruanas are not easy to bring over they are bulky and one will fill a suitcase easy. So I will just weave one.
That brings me to a rant I have. About a week ago a very nice and knowledgeable knitter wrote a post about how Fair Isle is only FI if it is knit with yarn from Shetland wool out of sheep that live in the Shetlands....the rest of the stuff we all knit is not FI. I beg to disagree! What is wrong with using a technique that has a name and can be easily applied using different materials?
Does this mean that the ruana I am going to weave is not a ruana because it will not be woven on a backstrap loom? Since I am Colombian and I will be weaving it should I call it half a ruana?


Leigh said...

Hmmm. Then what in the world is all that other stuff we've been knitting???? Faux Fair Isle? Anyway, weaving a ruana sounds like a great idea.

fleegle said...

Yeah, someone beat me about the head with a TWO-PAGE email telling me that my Bohus wasn't a Bohus because it was knit with American yarn in a slightly larger gauge than the original. Glad to see the Knitting Police are on their toes.