Thursday, November 29, 2007

Princes Edge I have a plan!

I think I have a plan for the edge.
The 2002 pattern was 85 points and pick up one stitch in each bump. That is 10 stitches per point and add 15 evenly distributed for the 865 needed for the border. In the 2007 version Sharon says you can knit 62 and pick up at a rate of 14 stitches per point minus 3 stitches

If you do the 85 x 14 + 15 Chances are at the end the evenly part will not be too even..after having picked up 700 stitches or so. But if I knit 72 and pick up 12 out of each point the magic number will be: 864!
Knitting 62 points will give a narrower edge and 85 is a lot! But if I go in between with the 72 the edge will not be as narrow and the "evenly distributed" part is gone!

Edited to add: I just updated the ticker and that means I am more than half done yuppi!

For the Woolpackers that read this blog: I will bring it next Monday to show what the whole mess is about.


missalicefaye said...

Clever lady! :)

Jane said...

This sounds pretty good to me! I was also feeling that 62 might be too few points but 85 felt like a lot. Great alternative!

fleegle said...