Friday, February 22, 2008

Alpaca Wool Plaited Jacket

Finished! Self designed machine knit on the LK150.
The body and the sleeves were knit on the machine. The ribbing and the collar knit by hand.

The shoulders drop a bit but that is how he wanted it.

I struggled with the zipper. Basted it by hand and then ran the machine with the roller foot.

This is how I made the casing for the zipper. I fulled the jacket before sewing the zipper in. Before I fulled it I basted the two flaps together so they would not curl. Worked really good.


Jane said...

Beautiful job! It looks so comfortable and warm and the color is just right. I love alpaca and prefer that for my own sweaters over wool. Very well done!

fleegle said...

Boy, that's one handsome sweater!

Margene said...

You do such beautiful work!

Leigh said...

Oh! It's gorgeous! What kind of rib pattern did you use? It adds just the right touch. If my DH sees this he'll want one. What do you think about the wool / alpaca blend for a yarn? I've got both alpaca fleece and some polwarth that I'm thinking of blending for a handspun, handwoven winter coat for me (yeah right, as if that could happen within the next decade :)

Anonymous said...

You just answered my question! The jacket looks great and G should be very happy with it ... and there are still enough cold months for him to enjoy the warmth. Great job on the zipper too.