Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cooper Mountain

I went to Herriman, Utah this morning. On the way I saw the Cooper Mountain saying: "take my picture". It is so amazing from down the bottom and even more when you actually go on top of it close to the mine.

and then this amazing flock of birds.


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beadntat said...

Love the pictures! It almost causes me to feel a bit homesick for all the years I lived in SLC. When I needed to get away from the city and the hospital (formerly an RN at the U) I used to get in my car and head out to the west desert, then make the big loop drive around the Oquirre Mountains. I was constantly amazed at the beauty to be found among the sagebrush.

junie said...

Great pictures Laritza. Of course the Yorkie on the right of your Homepage, is a scene steatler.