Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bridget Rorem Bridal Shawl

Jean talked about signing her Princess shawl, and mentioned that the lace knitted alphabet charts were in a back issue of Piecework Magazine (May/June 1998) to be exact. Of course it is one of those sold out, not to be found issues. A dear friend of mine happened to have two copies and she graciously sent a copy to me. Now isn't that nice!
It turned out that the alphabet is pretty but the shawl that inspired the alphabet is even better. I copied a section of the picture and I am giving it the proper credit. I wanted to show the corners of this shawl, the perfectly formed corner and the center. The center looks like a Celtic knot and is very similar to the center of the Medallion Square Shawl by Galina Khmeleva. It might be the same center, I have not read the complete article yet.
The corners are so pretty and well formed, it is evident there was no fudging or on the fly adjusting here.
My Princess is still hibernating, waiting for me to get over the corner design hump.


fleegle said...

fleegle faints from an overload of eye candy.

Laritza said...

I am so in love with it, its unreal!

Anonymous said...

Perfection. Now I'm ready to start lace knitting.

Jane said...

That is just splendid! And the corners are perfect. I guess I never saw that issue of Pieceowork either.

Bridget said...

It is kind of you to make such lovely comments about the veil I designed and knitted for my daughter. The center motif is original, as are many of the stitch patterns. Very soon, Schoolhouse Press will be publishing a pattern for a scarf with two lace alphabets on it, one that I designed for this piece, and another worked from the opposite direction.