Saturday, May 02, 2009

I knew there was a purpose

35+ years ago I started an iron collection. Over the years I have acquired 80+ of them most are miniatures but there are big heavy ones too. Over the years people have asked many times what is the purpose of so many irons. I just smiled and never answered, I did not know! But today, I found it.

I finished weaving a rug and I had to turn the hems. I decided to use "OK to Wash Glue" before I sew the hems. I needed something heavy to hold the hems together while they dry. Something a phone book would had come handy for, or maybe a pharmacology book. Since phone books are long gone from my house, and the pharmacology books are busy with something else, I wondered and walked around bit. There they where, the irons! I hauled 16 of them to press the hems of two rugs. Nice and heavy, pressing away. Tomorrow when the glue is dry, I will finish them up.


fleegle said...

If you ever get to Tokyo, you'll have to go to the Dry Cleaning museum. They have a huge collection of irons!

Bonnie said...

Very clever, indeed!

Janet said...

I love "unusual" collections. I've saved your photo of the irons. I'm sure you could have found more at the Hollis Flea Market where I wandered a week or so ago. This was in New Hampshire. A few years ago there used to be a programme on TV featuring different types of collections. A fun programme indeed.