Saturday, July 04, 2009

It took just a few beads!

The mystery fiber fabric became a shawl. The weavers in my guild determined it was a shawl and so it is. As seen in the prior picture, I had woven about 5 inches in scrap yarn with the purpose of protecting the potential fringe during the wash.

Inspired by Susan, I followed her tutorial and here are the results:

Beaded Fringe

Beaded Fringe Closeup

Apparently great minds think alike because Leigh just published her beaded fringe, except she followed Lynnette's tutorial. Interesting enough, Leigh's project was also somewhat of a disappointment at first, not so after the beads.

I am quite happy with the results, it was not a lost cause after all. The shawl is long enough that I can wrap it around almost twice....or maybe it needs a different owner.


fleegle said...

I am happy with your results too! How does the fabric feel? It looks soft and drapy.

Leigh said...

Beads weren't in my awareness much until Lynette's tutorial. I love how you did yours. They really do finish a piece, don't they!